Collection: Pantheon Percussion Cymbals

We set our hearts on creating a Singaporean brand of world-class cymbals that would be conceptualised in Singapore but handcrafted by our friends in Istanbul, Turkey. We wanted a Singaporean take on the famed Turkish cymbal: classic, musical, warm, powerful, pure, complex and durable.

We also wanted the cymbals to reflect the Singaporean soul: modern, progressive, and harmonious. This marriage of timeless tradition with Singaporean innovation gave birth to Pantheon Percussion Cymbals.

Our cymbals are cast bronze cymbals crafted from the best Turkish B20+ alloy. Our master craftsmen cast, temper, roll, cut, hammer, and lathe the cymbals with expert skill and a keen eye for attention. Only perfection can emerge from the foundry.

Pantheon Percussion Cymbals: Designed in Singapore, expertly handcrafted in Istanbul.