'Prism'/ Custom Drum Kits

'Prism' drum kit

The new ‘Prism’ drum kit was developed to meet the needs of Singaporean drummers looking for the do-it-all kit: classic looking, road-worthy, and versatile.

The ‘Prism’ kit consists of

1. 10×7 ‘floating’ rack tom

2. 12×8 ‘floating’ rack toms

3. 14×14 floor tom

4. 18×14 ‘virgin’ bass drum

5. 14×5 snare.

These are available as 4-piece *shell packs (no snare), 5-piece drum kits (with snare), or complete drum kit package with a selection of stand/ throne/ pedal options.

The specifications include:

1. Chrome vintage single-ended lugs/ premium hardware and mounts

2. 10.7mm floor tom legs 

3. 2.3mm hoops

4. Premium shells

5. Hand-rubbed Ebony Stain 

6. Aquarian drum heads 

* Shell packs do not include snares, stands or pedals.

Custom Drum Kits

We also make a variety of custom drum kits to meet the demands of drummers who want to customize the specifications of a drum kit: the look, sound, material, etc. 

Our custom drum kits are divided into the following categories:

1. Plywood drum kits

2. Solid shell drum kits

3. Acrylic drum kits

The options on our custom kits include:

1. Chrome/ Black Chrome/ Brass/ 24K Gold/ Custom hardware

2. Custom finish/ wrap/ stain 

3. Evans/ Aquarian drum heads