Collection: Pantheon Percussion Sticks

Our sticks have a great feel, balance, consistency and weight. They have been road-tested by many professional drummers and our sticks have their stamp of approval. These sticks have been kept affordable because we have working drummers, teachers and students in mind. 

Our sticks come straight from a factory in the USA that has a long and illustrious history. We did away with many of the frills that add to the cost of sticks: logo, cardboard sleeves, packaging, pitch pairing, bleaching etc. When you buy our sticks, you are buying a great business proposition.

The sticks are available in 2B, 5B, 5A, and 7A sizes. These are made of American Hickory, but you can also custom order the sticks in Maple at the same cost. 

* When sticks are not in stock, your purchase is treated as a pre-order.